Any underwear or swimwear garment is specifically designed to be:

soft and anti-allergenic

to protect the skin;


in order to minimise stoma bag problems (weight, ballooning, detachment and/or leaking);


when emptying or changing the bag;


to the position of the stoma and scars (right, left, high, low) and to the body shape;


to frequent washing.


because the psychological well-being is our goal. The beauty of the clothing contributes to please the need of aesthetics and to improve the perception of the own intimacy, body and relationship with others.

It's not just a business idea.
It's first of all an answer to my personal need. After surgery I needed quality products that would help me to accept and improve my new condition
— Samia Kouider


Samia Kouider

OStomyPRIDE lingerie is designed and developed by founder Samia Kouider.

Algerian born, export manager at a young age for her family business, Samia has been living in Italy since 1990. A professional sociologist, she carried out extensive research and scientific supervision in collaboration with research institutes and universities, authoring over a hundred publications. She also worked as a social development expert for some of the main international organizations, before stopping all professional activities due to her health problems.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, after undergoing several operations and treatments, three years ago she opted to get a permanent ileostomy.

So she decided to merge all of herself into a single project. She combined therefore her expertise as a social researcher, her managerial skills, her creative talents and her new condition as a woman who lives with a pouch attached to her body.

Samia Kouider